This September 2009 issue of the journal, Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine, is being made available to you electronically, free-of-charge, for a limited time.  The issue is titled, "Pediatric Disaster Readiness" and includes articles drafted by Michael Shannon, MD, MPH, FAAP and many other AAP member disaster preparedness experts.  Much thanks to the editors Sarita Chung, MD, FAAP and Steven E. Krug, MD, FAAP for their work on this issue and their support of making this information available to AAP members.  This was made possible by Theresa Monturano on behalf of the publisher Elsevier Inc.
To access this issue of the journal, please see the links at the bottom of this page
Also, please see the following message from Dr Krug, 2010 chairperson of the AAP Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council:
"With the one year anniversary of the untimely passing of our dear friend Dr Michael Shannon nearly upon us, I thought I would reach out to you to encourage you to continue your work to promote pediatric disaster preparedness.  We will likely never be able to fill the void that was created on March 10th last year (2009), as Michael was such an exemplary physician, teacher, scientist, leader, role model, and mentor.  As many of you know, Dr Shannon was a vocal advocate for the further development and deployment of pediatric medical countermeasures.  The AAP DPAC continues to move forward with an agenda for addressing gaps related to this.  We are currently working with the FDA and NICHD to encourage movement in regards to two specific agents - pralidoxime and midazolam. 
March 10th should prompt us to fondly remember Michael.   It should also spur us to recall his tireless advocacy on behalf of children.   It would be truly wonderful if each of you would commemorate his death by taking one step to get more involved in promoting preparedness.  This might include getting involved in your community to ensure that children's issues are addressed as early as possible in the development of disaster preparedness programs and activities.  Or, it might include taking steps to ensure that pediatric experts are included in all levels of disaster planning and response.
Thank you for your efforts to promote a greater understanding of the unique needs of children and families and inspire others, as Michael inspired us, to urge all involved parties to consider those needs as they plan for disasters."
Steven Krug
Chair, AAP Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council


Table of Contents - page i

Editorial Board - page ii

Guest Editor's Preface: Pediatric Disaster Readiness: How Far Have We Come?
Sarita Chung
pages 123-125

Preface: The Unfinished Symphony
Steven Krug
pages 126-127

Pediatric Preparedness for Disasters: Where Are We Now? Current Challenges and Future Directions
Michael Shannon, Carl R. Baum
pages 128-129

Preparation for Terrorist Threats: Biologic and Chemical Agents
Fred M. Henretig
pages 130-135

Preparation for Terrorist Threats: Radiation Injury
David Siegel
pages 136-139

Preparation for Terrorist Threats: Explosive Devices
Deborah A. Mulligan, Leonard Levy, Cecilia F. Rokusek
pages 140-143

Preparing for Natural Disasters
Mark Waltzman, Eric Fleegler
pages 144-148

Lessons Learned From Disasters Affecting Children
Debra L. Weiner
pages 149-152

Mental Health Concerns
David J. Schonfeld
pages 153-155

The Role of Pediatric Health Care Providers
Daniel B. Fagbuyi, Jeffrey Upperman
pages 156-158

Challenges Facing Pediatric Preparedness
Katherine Mason, Michael R. Anderson
pages 159-161

The Future of Pediatric Preparedness
George Foltin, Irwin Redlener
pages 162-163

Protecting Children During Disasters: The Federal View
Terry Adirim
pages 164-172

Pediatric Mass Casualty: Triage and Planning for the Prehospital Provider
Kristin Lyle, Tonya Thompson, James Graham
pages 173-185

Principles of Pediatric Decontamination
Dennis Heon, George L. Foltin
pages 186-194

Family Reunification—Concepts and Challenges
Alan L. Nager
pages 195-207

Addressing Disaster Mental Health Needs of Children: Practical Guidance for Pediatric Emergency Health Care Providers
David J. Schonfeld, Robin H. Gurwitch
pages 208-215

Pediatric Aspects of Hospital Preparedness
Stephen Monteiro, Michael Shannon, Thomas J. Sandora, Sarita Chung
pages 216-228

Developing Pediatric Emergency Preparedness Performance Measures
David Markenson, Steven Krug
pages 229-239

Tribute to Michael Shannon
Michele Burns Ewald, Kenneth D. Mandl
pages 240-244