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Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

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Want to be strong?

Want to build up?

Want to be healthy?

Want to study hard?

Before you take

any nutritional or

herbal supplements...


Before you consider putting any nutritional or herbal supplement in your body you should find out all you can.

There's a lot of questions about them, such as:

  •  Are they medicines?
  •  Are they safe?   
  •  Do they work?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) makes sure that all medicines do what they're suppose to, are safe to use, and if there are side effects.  The FDA does not test nutritional or herbal supplements because they are not considered medicines.  Therefore any promises of safety, effectiveness or risks depends on the companies that make the supplement!  The FDA only gets involved if a supplement is proven harmful by independent research. 


Are they medicines? No. 
Are they safe? Some are safe if  used   right.  Some are not safe, especially if not used right, or taken with other substances. 
Do they work? Some have some benefits.  Some have no positive benefits at all.

Therefore, before you take any supplements 





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