Official e-newsletter of AAP New York Chapter 2
June 2014
Dear Chapter 2 Member,
NY2 President


Your local Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics encompasses Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk, and its Executive Committee has been working hard on your behalf. We have a core of energetic physicians who volunteer their time to benefit all members. To keep you informed, below is a concise, bulleted list of important initiatives we have been working on at the local level.


Do you have a particular field of interest in Pediatrics? If so, you may be interested in serving on one of the Chapter's Committees (view the list of committees here: To get involved, email Jessica Geslani at, express your interest, and someone will contact you. We welcome your involvement and support.

Marc Lashley, MD, FAAP 
President, AAP NY Chapter 2

Some Current Chapter Activities

  • Advocate for passage of New York City wide, and soon to be statewide, controls on e-cigarettes including banning e-cigarette sale to minors.
  • Continue to advocate for our revised and reintroduced Maternal Depression legislation to allow pediatricians to screen Moms for maternal depression and to get paid for it.
  • Fight for fair payment for immunization and immunization through legislation and work with insurers with our Pediatric Councils.
  • Continue to work with insurers through our Pediatric Council to make sure pediatricians get fairly paid for the work they are doing.
  • Offer our members local educational opportunities. Dinner Conferences on ICD-10 Implementation and Developmental Disabilities will be announced soon.
  • Provide opportunities for members to work on pediatric issues important to them and their practice of medicine through participation in our many active Chapter Committees.
  • Support our members in their work to raise grant funds for programs in their communities.
  • Speak out on major issues like children in poverty, the increase in homeless families, children's unmet need for mental health services including services in the primary care setting, the erosion of herd immunity due to parental vaccine hesitancy, environmental concerns including fracking, chemicals in home fabrics and cosmetics, and increases in asthma, diabetes and obesity in children, the increases in substance abuse of prescription drugs, as well as the recent turn toward heroine.
  • Advocate for physicians adversely affected by the ACA.
  • Provide useful, periodic newsletters from our committees, such as: 
  • Advocate for Children and Pediatrics in Albany and in Washington.

HIV Testing Requirements

Offering HIV testing starting at age 13, is mandated by the NYS DOH. Providers should document that testing was offered.  Written consent is no longer necessary. The state is updating materials to reflect the new regulations. However, click here for a link to an interim summary.

The chapter urges members to integrate HIV testing into care for all patients starting at age 13 in order to comply with NYS law. The chapter will provide links to additional NYS education  resources when they are available.  


About Us 
AAP New York Chapter 2 is one of three local AAP chapters in NYS (AAP District II).  Chapter 2 is made up of four counties: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk.
We are a non profit organization with almost 1,600 members.
To learn more about your chapter, please call us at 516-326-0310, email our Assistant Exec. Director, Jessica Geslani, at or visit our website:
NY Chapter 2 Officers:
President:  Marc Lashley, MD
Vice Pres.: Joseph Abularrage, MD
Secretary:  Steven Goldstein, MD
Treasurer:  Shetal Shah, MD
Immed. Past Pres:  Richard Ancona, MD

NY Chapter 2 Staff:
Exec. Director:  Elie Ward, MSW
Asst. Exec. Dir.:  Jessica Geslani


A special congrats to the following AAP NY Chapter 2 members who were recently recognized by the NYC DOHMH for their outstanding immunization rates:


Qurrath Ain, MD, FAAP

Yu-Mei Fan, MD, FAAP

Jogesh Syalee, MD, FAAP


AAP NY Chapter 2 Committees 


Contact Jessica Geslani at to learn more or to become active in any of our committees:


* Adolescence

* Bullying Prevention

* Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics/Children with Disabilities

* Disaster Preparedness

* Environmental Health

* Family Violence Prevention

* Fetus and Newborn

* Infectious Disease

* Injury, Poison and Violence Prevention

* International Language and Translations

* International Pediatrics

* Legislative

* Medical Student Outreach

* Membership

* Nutrition

* Pediatric Council

* School Health

* Senior Pediatricians

* Yoga and Meditation

* Young Physicians

AAP NY Chapter 2 | PO Box 1411 | Smithtown | NY | 11787