Pediatricians in the Nassau Pediatric Society On-Line:

Anthony John Battista, M.D.
As webmaster for the Nassau Pediatric Society, most of my favorite medical links are in these pages.  The above link is to the Allied Pediatrics of New York web site, in which my practice participates.  My Facebook link is on the membership list.
The Children's Medical Group
Drs. Joel L. Kahan, Timothy Hogan, Thomas Capilupi, Brad E. Fell, Joseph B. Cohen, and Deborah Millington Capilupi
Rami Grossman, M.D.
Web page for Pediatric Neurology.
Andrea Leeds, M.D.

Jack M. Levine, M.D.

Gary Mirkin, M.D.
Saul Modlin, M.D.
Pediatric Otolaryngology
Stacey Radinsky, M.D.
Allergy & Immunology
Raphael E. Strauss, MD
Strauss Allergy & Asthma Therapy
Lawrence Suser, M.D.
Web page entitled "Drs. 4 Kids"
Valley Stream Pediatrics
Drs. Marc Lashley and Lori Berman.
Drs. Stuart Feinstein, M.D., Sharon Perlman, DO, Warren Silberstein, M.D. and Karen Coley-Piccorillo, D.O.

Pediatric Cardiology of Long Island
Drs. Ambrose Vallone, Sean Levchuck and Robert Sommer.
Allergy & Immunology
          Monika I. Woroniecka, MD, FACAAI

ABC Pediatrics
          Drs Clara E. Mayoral and Leilani Balagot


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