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     The Nassau Pediatric Society of New York Chapter 2 of the AAP was established in 1947 to serve the children and pediatricians in Nassau County.  The AAP is a national organization composed of over 53,000 pediatricians.  There are approximately 340 members in the Nassau Pediatric Society.

     The Nassau Pediatrics Society office is located at:

1 Stonehenge Road
Great Neck, New York  11023
Phone: 516-482-4158
Fax: 516-465-5226
E-Mail:  nassaupeds@yahoo.com

The Nassau Pediatric Society is a non-profit organization with the following objectives:

  1. To improve the health and welfare of all infants, children, adolescents and young adults in Nassau County.
  2. To unite qualified pediatricians of Nassau County into a representative organization for the advancement of the practice of pediatrics.
  3. To study the scientific, educational, social, economic, and legislative aspects of medicine in order to maintain the highest standards of practice in pediatrics, and to prepare and recommend necessary changes in existing or contemplated medical programs.
  4. To further the policies and the objectives of the American Academy of Pediatrics at the local level.
  5. To promote excellence in pediatric care by organizing programs of post-graduate education.
  6. To further the spirit of good fellowship amongst the pediatricians of this section.

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Nassau Pediatric Society recognized for its charitable contribution to 
the Nassau County Department of Health's "Cribs for Kids" campaign.

From the Nassau Pediatric Society Nutrition Committee:
Infant Nutrition Guidelines

  Chapter 2 Committee on Youth and Adolescence's web site on Nutritionals and Herbal Medicines!


  Booster Seat Campaign free downloads (Word):
Prescription for a Booster Seat

Society Committees

      The Nassau Pediatric Society is governed by an Executive Committee and the Executive Officers.  The Executive Committee meets monthly or before the Society's general membership meetings.  The chapter committees meet at the discretion of the committee chairperson.

      In this section of our Web Site we publish news of the Executive Committee, the Officers and Representatives to the Executive Committee, and the various committees of the Society.

Last Updated:  6/20/18


Society Calendar

      The Nassau Pediatric Society conducts regular meetings of its Board of Directors, as well as meetings for post-graduate education on five Mondays during the year.  One meeting each year is a more formal event open to spouses and guests.  One meeting a year is designed to let residents from the four local hospitals with Pediatric Training Programs present original research.

     Nassau University Medical Center proudly presets the "David Annunziato Pediatric Postgraduate Lecture Series" on Thursdays from October to May at 8:30 am.

Last Updated: 12/20/18

Nassau Membership Directory

     Membership is limited to Fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics or specialists who are members of the Academy's Section.  Here is the Nassau Pediatric Society Membership Directory.

This Directory promotes and facilitates communication amongst the Society Membership as well as enabling interested members of the public to contact Nassau membership.

     If you live in Nassau, are practicing Pediatrics or a Pediatric sub-specialty, and wish to join the Nassau Pediatic Society, you can go to our Application page, print it, and return it to us via snail mail with the current application fee of $155, which may also be paid by credit card (Use the Back key on your browser to return to this page).  Annual dues may also be paid by credit card.

Last Updated: 12/20/18

Nassau Job Market

     Pediatrics in Nassau County is constantly evolving.  As members expand their services, new individuals are needed.  This section is intended to help members find physicians, nurse practioners, and physician assistants looking for Pediatric positions in Nassau.

This listing of members looking for health care professionals and physicians looking for positions in Nassau County should make the task easier.  Listings are posted for no longer than one year.

PedJobs is the official AAP employment resource dedicated exclusively to the field of pediatrics. PedJobs connects pediatric health care professionals with employers seeking their services. PedJobs is free for all pediatric health care professionals.

Last Updated:  1/30/19

Nassau Pediatric Offices

     This page is an index with links to the Home Pages of individual Pediatricians and Pediatric Offices in Nassau County.

These Pediatrician's Home Pages list their hours of operation, the physician partners and staff, and other useful information about the local offices.
Last Updated:  6/15/11

Other Web Sites of Interest

Click here for links to some of our favorite web sites.  If there is a web site we have not listed that you think your fellow pediatricians would appreciate, please let us know and we will include a link here.  You can also reach office web sites by clicking on the doctor's name in the membership listing.

This Website is a publication of the Nassau Pediatric Society and is intended to be a forum for information and communication among the Society membership, individuals and groups interested in the well being of children. The President of the Nassau Pediatric Society is Patricia Ford, MD.  Dr. Ford can be contacted through the Society office at 516-482-4158.

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